Survey Expertise

Our Management team comprises of professionals who have been involved in numerous Land development projects comprising township planning, sectional title schemes, residential, commercial and industrial development, farm surveys etc. which allows us the opportunity of applying our knowledge in all planning and legislation and registration procedures. We specialise in survey, urban planning, mapping, land tenure (titling) and development consulting.


Engineering Surveys Sectional Title Surveys
Cadastral Surveys Prescription Resolution of Survey
Global Positioning Systems Servitude Areas & Lease Areas
Topographical Surveys As-built (as constructed) Surveys
Subdivision Applications Photo Survey Control
Land Use Consultation Complex ownership Title Arrangements
Zoning Applications Township Planning
Identification Certificates for Mortgages Survey Plan Drafting
Volumetric Definition Surveys & Slope Analysis Base Plans for Planning & Design Purposes
Detail Contour & Digital Terrian Model Surveys Survey Calculations
Construction Surveys  Data Manipulation and Presentation
GPS Real Time Surveys  

Office Capabilities

Our commitment to technology extends to the office. After field data is collected our office has the technical equipment and expertise for prompt and final plan production. The development of custom designed software has eased the process of computation, preparation of diagrams, sectional title plans and general plans for registration purposes. For the efficient and expeditious delivery of plans and swapping of information our website may be used.

A recent addition to the website is the facility to obtain diagrams, general plans, sectional title plans and survey data throughout South Africa directly from the Department of Land Affairs’ database, this is a free service.


Data Reproduction & Processing Diagrams
CAD Production General Plans
Compiled Plans Annexure of Land Purchase Agreements
MVA Accident Plans Sectional Title Plans
Topographical Plans (Contour Plans) Locality Plans
Plans of Subdivision Land Information
Volumetric Plans Base Plans for Detail Planning
Sectional Title Sales Annexure Plans